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The Devotion 


Franciszek Cardinal Macharski, former Archbishop of Krakow, wrote that the Devotion to the Divine Mercy is more than one devotion. His actual words were:  


“This is not just one more devotion, just another booklet or picture. It is incomparable with anyone or anything. The Devotion to the Divine Mercy is determining the destiny of the world, the destiny of humanity. No diplomacy, politics, or any human faculty or skill can save that which seems to be heading for the destruction man has prepared – not just for one individual, but for humanity. Only Jesus, the Crucified One and the Risen One can do this; and, this I maintain – through Mary”. 


When we talk about the Divine Mercy Devotion, we must speak about the Essence, the Elements and the Message of the Devotion. In the following pages, brief reflections are offered on each of these facets of the Devotion.  

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